Monday, May 11, 2009

Sg Serai Ride (09/05/2009)

A short ride 1 day before KLMBH 55KM epic ride. This short ride was just to get our new 1st time riders what a little bit of off road experience before the epic ride. Riders were Hazrul (Cameraman) Tapa, The Chief (Misran), Faizal, Izad, Amir ( 1st time) and Daus (1st time). Here are the pic. The cameraman was busy answering his phone so not much pics. hehee

Ulu Kuang (25/04/2009)

A nice evening ride from Kundang Jaya to Ulu Kuang Waterfall and our first night ride back to Kundang Jaya. The ride to to Ulu Kuang consist of paved road to Kuang, nice scenic kampung paved road to the Orang Asli village in Ulu Kuang and single track from the the village to the Waterfall. The water was cold and refreshing ( around 5.30 p.m ) hehehe. The ride back was much more fun. We left the the waterfall around 6 p.m and have a quick stop at the surau in Ulu Kuang. and resume our journey at 6.30 p.m. We start the night ride by going in to a Palm Plantation making our way to a Rubber plantation and reached Kg Sungai Serai around 8 p.m. After a quick stop at the mosque we continue our way back home and had a drink at Kundang Jaya only coffee shop. Riders were Faizal, Hazrul (Cameraman), Rusydan, Tapa (Sweeper), Izad, Farizal (1st Time Rider) and the Chief (Misran) Here are the pics from the journey.

First Stop at Kuang Junction

Ulu Kuang

Mari Pikul Basikal

At the Waterfall

During our night ride back home